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Scripto Vu-Lighter
 1962 solid body model Advertiser. Elks Lodge #1952, Garden Grove, CA. Lmited Use. Excellent Condition.

ID: SCP 14001             PRICE:   SOLD

DOUGLASS Semi-Automatic Lighter
c.1926. Slight pitting and fuel screw has brassing. Good overall condition. Mechanically complete with strong spring action. Leather not original.

ID: DUG 15001        Price: $65.00

REGENS Masonic Lighter
c. 1940s/50s squeeze style lighter. High polish chrome and enamel finish featuring Masonic emblem. Mint Condition.

ID REG 15001        PRICE:SOLD

2012 OTLS 26th Annual Convention Lighter. High polish chrome finish. Mint Condition..

ID: ZIP 14002        PRICE $40.00

       Deco Cigarette Server
c. 1930's. Two side Burl enamel and gold plated . 4.5 inch wide by 3.75 inch tall. Excellent condition. Missing rubber foot cover on one side...easily replaced. Crazing, but no missing enamel.  Both sides drop down at 45 degree angle to serve unfiltered short cigarettes with turn on top knob.

ID:  SVR 901       PRICE:  $35.00

Scripto Vu Lighter
c. 1960's/70's.   Excellent cosmetic condition. Complete with all original parts. Same image on each side.

ID: SCP 15001         PRICE: $35.00

Dunhill Unique Lighter
c. 1926. Silver plated lift arm lighter. Used Good Condition. Typical wear from use. Marked "Dunhill Unique Lighter" on fuel Screw. Pat. 143752 on bottom.

ID: DHL 10001   PRICE:  SOLD

EVANS Spitfire Pocket Lighter
c. 1940's. Transition model with bullit style flint and fuel screws. Very Good lightly used condition.

ID: EVS 14003                  PRICE: $20.00

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