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About Me - I began my infatuation with these unique devices in the 1970's while cruising local flea markets. Like most collectors, I got one, then another, and before long ....... a small collection demanding  it's own display space.

I am definitely a collector, but at this point the "herd has grown" to the point that some thinning is required. So, here is offered the unique opportunity to acquire that NEXT GREAT LIGHTER.

I also welcome the opportunity to meet other collectors and share information about lighters and collecting. So, feel free to contact me. However, I must warn that I do not respond to questions relating to the value of lighters.

Here You Will Find
- Lighters and other related items from the early 20th century by makers such as Ronson, Evans, Thorens, Zippo, Regens, and other lesser known companies that produced highly unique fire making devices.

TO  PURCHASE Email me using the above link for current information regarding additional pictures, availablilty, shipping cost, and payment option.

Shipping Information - Shipping in the US is via Priority Mail Insured priced and quoted at current rate at  time of purchase. . International shipping is via Priority Mail International priced and quoted at current rate at time of purchase.

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